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General Website Design Industry Statistics and Figures

~ 48% of users think that companies that don’t have mobile-optimized websites don’t care about them.If given 15 minutes to browse,

~ 59% of users prefer looking through a beautifully made website.

~ 72% of internet users want mobile-friendly websites.

~ 94% of the first impressions on a website are based on its visuals and design.

~ 88% of website consumers don’t return to a page if they had a bad experience with it.

~ 57% of consumers say they won’t recommend a poorly designed website.

~ 50% of website visitors use web design as a defining factor when it comes to credibility.

~ 44% of internet users will leave a website if the homepage doesn’t contain a company’s contact details.

~ 51.3% of global internet users access websites using mobile devices.

~ 91% of small business websites aren’t optimized for mobile use.

~ Users form an opinion of a website within .05 seconds

~ 94% of first impressions on websites are based entirely on how it looks.

~ Websites that load in over 2 seconds are abandoned by 47% of visitors.

~ 38% of website visitors don’t engage if they find the layout unattractive.

~ Almost half of web visitors believe that design is the top factor supporting a website’s credibility.

~ According to website statistics from 2018, over half of people prefer to read through a website that looks great.

~ Just over 50% of global users access websites via mobile devices.

~ Internet users have an attention span of 8 seconds when it comes to browsing.

~ Nearly 90% of online consumers don’t return to a website after a bad experience.


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