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We are a business development and design firm. Our primary services are logo design, product design and web design.

Our mission is to help you stand out in the World Wide Web. Whether you are an established business or you are just getting started, we promise to uniquely design your logos, your products, and build you an astounding highly responsive website to help you dominate the online market. We will provide you with a highly personalized service that is tailored specifically to your needs.

Meet Guerby Joseph, CEO and Founder

Guerby is a creative, intuitive, focused, positive, and passionate leader.  He is extremely passionate about the environment, health, wellness, entrepreneurship and fashion.

Joseph’s Business Development & Design is Guerby's fourth business that he has co-founded.  Guerby Joseph comes from a family of entrepreneurs and fashion designers.  His mother Rosanna and his uncle Roger were both tailors by trade in the Haitian town of Hinche, Haiti. Rosanna specialized in high-end women’s clothing while Roger worked in menswear. Guerby grew up in their family shop and developed a passion for the business side of couture as well as its creative side. As he saw his mother and uncle work with their customers, he was amazed how beautifully they were able to tailor a garment to each person: the clothes became part of their wearer and an extension of their unique personality. He was intrigued by the way an ordinary piece of fabric could become art and transform the person wearing it. He also realized the trade was about more than just clothes: the fit, color, creativity and best of all, the smile on someone’s face as they slipped into a garment made just for them. Today, Guerby uses that same approach he witnessed in his parents shop: his clients are elated when they see their custom websites. They are designed to make their business dreams and goals come true. 

Guerby migrated to the United States at the age of 16 and subsequently became a U.S. citizen.  He graduated college with a Bachelor's degree in Business Management and an Associate's degree in commercial art and graphic design.  He spent 10 years in NYC where he Founded Empire Street Style, an Eco-friendly Athleisure clothing brand.  There he met his Fiancée, Shannon, and together they co-founded_Joseph’s Tea, an online specialty tea shop.  They relocated from NYC to the Tampa area and noticed a big need for the business development services that Guerby used in his own companies.  Guerby utilizes his vast knowledge from having built 4 companies of his own, growing up in an entrepreneurial household, and his business degrees to cultivate and curate customized business services.  He has designed hundreds of logos, created new products, custom labeling, and built multiple websites. Joseph’s Business Development & Design_was founded to help “Pay it Forward” by helping other entrepreneurs dominate the e-commerce world with amazing website designs.



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